I have a problem...

A problem with ticks!  I despise them!  DESPISE!  We bought 6 chicks back in April to help get rid of them.  3 months later we only have three left.  Sadly one little chick was "loved" to death.  One died a very dramatic death, she was very sick and I nursed her (not literally though Wes did suggest it) and did everything I was told to do and yet she still died.  Then, another one just died, no idea why, she was fine at night and in the morning she was dead.  We have not had good luck with our chickens.  But we love them and spend hours outside with them.

We have renamed them as we determined if they were roosters or hens.  The white one previously known as Chicken Nugget has recently been named Rachel the Rooster.  Yes, Rachel and no amount of convincing will  make Wesley change his mind.  The red lady to the side of him is Ruby and the pretty guy behind is Farmall.  They are lovely chickens and are very friendly.  Just tonight Rachel was sitting on Matt's leg as we enjoyed some evening time outside.  

But like I said we have a problem and three chickens are not cutting it. 

I needed more!  We also want to have eggs and hatch our own eggs next year so I figured we should get some more hens.

These little guys were school projects and since school is ending this week, they needed new homes.  I found them on Craigslist.   I love Craigslist.

We are guessing that they are about 3 weeks old.  I think they are adorable.

They love to roost and were constantly jumping onto us.  Reminds me of our Squirrely friend.

Felicity was not as thrilled about them jumping on her as Wes was.  

Good thing they know how to fly!  She chucked the little chickie off and quickly as it jumped up there!  Poor little  chick.

Time will tell whether or not we got more hens or just a bunch of roosters.  

Either way they will eat up some of our ticks and supply us with endless laughs as we listen to them learn to crow! 


kbreints said...

Oh my goodness... I would want some if I could be promised that they stay that cute forever!

Katherine said...

They are so CUTE! Lovely photos, thank-you for sharing. So vibrant and beautiful..

K xx

Christy said...

They are really cute! My Mama had 1 hen and 2 chickens and they would torment us if they got out of their pen ;) They are gone now and I miss them! I think Tyler would have loved them. Kids are really fascinated with chickens, it's cute!

Maura said...

So Cute!!!

Anonymous said...

Your 'Henry' looks about 1 day older than my Henry right now... today our Henry is 11 days, they grow very quickly so you might be overestimating your chick age.

Sad to hear about your three losses, we're going to miss ours when they head back to the farm on Tuesday

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