The Baby Chicks.

Named by Wes.

"Chicken Nugget"

"Wobin Hood"



"Thomas the Tank"


I am not so sure those names are going to stick, but for now that is what he is calling them.

The kids love them.  I don't really want Felicity to touch them.  She wants to eat them.  

Wes wants to take them everywhere with him.  And I mean EVERYWHERE!

They are either going to be very friendly or very mean when they grow up.


Hannah said...

SOOOO cute! Love Wobin Hood! Adorable. :-)

Victoria said...

O my - these pictures are too much! I love them! Beautiful photos...and cute chicks!

Heather said...

Absolutely adorable!
I love the angles of the photos, the beautiful colors, the props (basket, red wagon), EVERYTHING!
I love your photography style and I hope I can take pictures like you some day! :-)
The names are too cute too!!

Heather said...

Oh, and I Brad and I have to get over there before they get too big!! :-)

Julie said...

Farmal is my favorite shot! These are such good pictures. I'm sure your children are in chickie heaven. They are just so darn cute when they are that tiny!

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