Look who came to visit


I was looking out the kitchen door, watching the chickens, when I noticed that this little guy had come back along with his not as friendly brother.

I can not get over how friendly this little thing is!

We could not keep him off of us.

We brought him back to the area where we think his nest is.

Put him on the barn.

And he would jump right back onto Wesley.

Wes of course was absolutely thrilled!

Matt and I think that their mother is gone because we have not seen her at all.  Maybe not,  we really don't have the any idea about squirrels and their babies.

I do know about my baby and he loves this little squirrel!

Wes was actually running backwards in this photo while the squirrel ran  towards him and did not stop till he was sitting up on top of Wesley's head.

Yet another attempt to  get this little guy to go home.

Obviously, it did not work.

So being the kind sister that I am, I put little Squirrely down Kirstie's shirt!  In my defense, he was clearly trying to get down it.  I just helped him out a little.  :)

So we gave him a little snack and a little more on a rock near his home and ran away!  If we walked, he followed.  We have had a ton of fun with this little guy.



So cute. I vote you keep him. I'm sure Wes wouldn't mind!

The Mommy said...

I could scream out "CUTE" right now!!
I love your shots!!

Heather said...

SO, so cute!!! I love your pics!! :-)
So fun, I think you guys have a new pet!!

Katherine said...

Gorgeous! You take beautiful photos...so vibrant :)

Stop by my blog at www.thoseblissmoments.blogspot.com if you get the chance..

Have a lovely weekend..

K xx

Christy said...

Those pictures are precious! What a cute little guy!

Photo Freak said...


alicia said...

Can't believe he got that close. When I was a kid there was a baby left behind and he stayed a while and we called him rambo. Great pics!

~Mistee~ said...

Those pics are too cute!!

kbreints said...

Oh my goodness!! SO very cute! I want one!

Tara said...

Oh my!! We have so many chipmunks around and they want nothing to do with us! Too funny!

Brianne said...

Oh my word!! I want one! ^_^ He doesn't sing does he? Hehe!

Courtney from The Story of Us said...

What a friendly little guy or girl, whatever the case!!! Perfect time to have your camera handy too!!!

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