Oops I almost forgot!

I mentioned it this post that we went somewhere they made Matt very happy and Wes cry.  I nearly forgot to tell you where we went. 


We stopped in Hartford and went to one of Matt's favorite stores.  He is not a hunter, fisher, or sportsman of any kind but he loves this store.  Wes loved it too...well most of it.

All of it except this bear!  Well of all the bears actually.  He freaked out!!  Screaming, crying, growling, and hiding in the cart.  Poor little guy.

Everytime he saw a bear, and there were a lot of bears in there.  He would tense all up and try to get as far away from it as possible.


Wes was also afraid of the fish.  This, I did not understand.  The bears make sense, they are big and angry looking but the fish, they are well fish and not scary at all.

 Wes did love the hats however!

The hats were located near the guns and that is where I lost Matt.  He was gone for a good half an hour.  Try finding your husband in a store full of ball capped, bearded, carhartt wearing men!  Not easy!

We did however find each other in front of the Africa animals, which by the way, Wes did not find scary.   We all had fun and were pretty tired by the time we headed back to the car to continue our trip home.  These last photos were taken about 15 minutes down the road.  Aren't they cute?  hehe Kirstie is going to kill me!

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Anonymous said...

Wow, Lin, Im gonna have to kill you, haha, and btw i was exhausted...well at least you didnt make it a full size picture, and shrunk it up a little

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