Fridays with Felicity!

This is her last week as a 9 month old!  Wow!  Where did time go?

This week Felicity has learned that if she stretches her arms up as high as she can, smiles, and tips her head to the side, she will be picked up and given a huge snuggle.  Who could resist her?  Not me or her Daddy or Kirstie!  She is so cute!

Her once bald head is now covered in oh so soft dark blond hair with just the slightest hint of red.  I am totally in love with her little noggin!  Those little ears that stink out are so scrumptious!  Is it OK to say your baby looks scrumptious?   :)

What do you think these cute little green feet were doing this week?






Felicity was so very happy that I brought out the Johny Jumper again.  I put it away for Christmas and forgot about it.  She was clinging to my while I was trying to do dishes and I suddenly remembered!  :-)  I think she really missed her jumper.


What else did she do this week besides jump?  She has learned to laugh at herself.  It is the cutest thing ever!  I have not been able to catch a photo of it yet but man oh man is it cute!  
Oh and how could I forget!!  She started climbing the stairs!  That was a shocker.  She was so proud of herself.  Time to start shutting the door to the stair way.  I am so thankful that we have a door to block them, that's another good thing about an old house.


Anonymous said...

I love her :)

Victoria said...

She's such a doll. I love the picture of her smiling showing off her teeth! Logan has a jumpy toy - but prefers to play under it, rather than in it. We have a doorway jumper; I may have to break that out! By the way, I have been putting cream on/around her nose like you recommended, it is helping - thank you!!!

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