5 hours of shopping

UPDATE: Congrats to Nicole  she was the first to guess and correctly guessed  Home Depot, Target, and BJ's.   Email me at capurtingyesterdaysmemories@yahoo.com  .

What on Earth is a Mom supposed to do with two kids and 5 hours away from home? 


Well, take her adorable children to three different stores and take photos of them in all the carts!

Any guesses where we went?  First person to guess all three correctly, will win a little something!

Sorry, Kirstie you can't play.


Nicole said...

Home Depot (can't decide between that and Lowes), Target, and BJs?

Mandy Cornick said...

Home Depot, Target and BJ's...am I right!!...does that mean I shop too much ?

Julie said...

Too cute!!

Nicole said...

Yay! I never win anything. I emailed you!

Sailor and Co said...

whats bj's?

lovingmylife said...

It's a wholesale store like Cosco or Sam's.

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