Tid bits from our trip

Sunday morning Matt and I rose extra early to prepare for our day trip back to Groton, CT, my hometown.  I packed loads of extra clothes, snacks, jackets, bottles, toys, and my camera.  We buckled our sleepy children, still wearing their jammies into a warmed up car.  Called Kirstie to say we were ready to go and off we went.


Just in case anyone is wondering why Wes is in a flowery car seat, it is because he peed in his and is using his sister's.


Aww...half way there and Felicity was sleeping, that is until Wes took her binki out of her mouth!  Grrr.  Thankfully she woke up in a happy mood.


Kirstie came along.  She has not been back to CT for many years and wanted to see how everything had changed.  She of course took Aron (she named her cellphone, after Elvis' middle name) and chatted with friends when she was not entertaining the kids.


Yea!  We made it and only about half an hour late.  Not bad, not bad at all.

We met with Julie at her parent's house and arrived at Bluff Point around 11am.  

Kirstie made the comment that she felt like she should pay Julie for walking all the dogs at the same time.  Hehe...She does kind of look like a dog walker!


Matt and Wes walked around the beach while I took photos and Kirstie played with Felicity.  It was so cold that the water was frozen right up onto the sand!   We had to be careful not to slide down the sloping ice.


This was Felicity's first time in CT.  We had planned on stopping by some friend's homes while we were in town but two of the families came down with a nasty stomach bug!


Wes and Kirstie were hiding behind some rocks trying to keep warm.  The wind was blowing so hard!  I forgot how windy it is near the ocean.


Wes loved the beach!

Matt and Felicity.  Don't they look cold?  Who goes to the beach when you have to wear a snowsuit?  Crazy people, that's who.  :-)


We all ran to our cars as soon as the photos were done.  Wes got to walk with one of Julie's dogs, further encouraging  his desire to have dog of his own.  Isn't he too cute?!


Before we headed out of CT, we had lunch with Julie and drove through our old neighborhood, and saw our old house on the base.  It has been completely renovated and really does not look anything like the way Kirstie or I remembered.   It is much nicer and bigger!  Oh the memories.  :-)

We had a great morning with Julie and her kids on the beach. We were all glad for the chance to get away for the day!

Can you guess where we stopped on the way home?   It made Matt very happy and scared poor Wes to tears!

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Band of Brothers said...

what DARLING kiddos you have! i love the name Felicity! and you take such lovely photos:)

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