It's been awhile

I haven't blogged in so long that I seriously could remember where to start.  I sat here looking at the screen trying to figure out where I had to click to get the page where I could write a new blog post!  That's sad.  It seems that whenever something new comes into my life something else moves to the back burner and the blog sadly has taken the backseat to a few things recently. 

I miss blogging, I miss reading other blogs but most of all I really miss rereading my own blogs.   Not to sound rude but it's true, some times I had completely forgotten that the kids did or said some thing and reading them makes me smile and remember the whole thing all over again!  The kids grow and change so quickly and this blog really used to document their fleeting little moments so well.  I used to plan post while taking photos of the kids or "write" them in my head before falling to sleep at night.   Blogging also encouraged me to take more photos of the kids just being themselves around the house.  

I miss it enough that I really am going to try to stop in at least once a week and write a little and post some photos.   

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