Blowing Bubbles

 When Wes gets home from school  the girls and Charlie are always so excited to have him home. Yesterday was no exception.   They squealed with delight as he announced to them that he was going to blow bubbles for them to pop.

I thought the  bubbles smelt horrible!

The kids didn't seem to care but I won't be buying them again.  I was thankful that Wes was so enthusiastic about blowing them because I couldn't stand the smell from where I was let alone having them right up in my face.  Scented bubbles are gross!

Scented or not, the kids had a blast.  I let them play till they lost interest since there probably won't be very many bubble blowing days this year.  Fall is quickly changing everything into crisp beautiful colors.  

I love fall but dislike that it doesn't last long and the many freezing months of winter that seem to drag on forever.

Another thing I love is Charlie's hair and how it curls up around his ears.  I seriously will mourn the loss of those sweet curls when I finally break down and trim his hair.

On a happy ending note.  Wesley came home from school with a green card and a note from his teacher saying there was no real crying (he started but stopped quick and got himself under control).  I am so proud!

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