Outside with Charlie

Charlie just loves to be outside!

He just wanders around playing by myself, dragging buckets pull of whatever he finds interesting, pushing anything with wheels and most recently he has discovered our teeter totter.

He's in love!

I will let him sit on it and push him up and down.  Sometimes we do this with no one on the other end and other times he has a play mate, he doesn't seem to care whether or not he has a companion when it comes to playing on the teeter totter.

He is also fascinated in raising it up and down on his own.

It really must be fascinating!  He just giggles and giggles every time he lets it drop back down.  

On a totally unrelated side note, I just love his hair!

One more thing that Charlie LOVES to do outside is drive the tractor.  He has watched us do this often enough that he goes through all the steps just like he really is driving.

Climb up and turn key on.

Reach down and shift it into gear.

Look both ways.

Check yard for stray poultry.

And go!
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