Just a normal day

We are working into a new normal with Wes in school and myself working more.  Weekends however are the safe old normal that we have always loved.  I love being together as a complete family and playing outside with all three kids.

This past weekend we found frogs living under our duck pool.  Wes and I caught them and put them in a bucket for the little two to look at.

Felicity isn't a fan of holding the frogs but she giggled and jumped as she "pet" them.  If they jumped she jumped and squealed. 

Charlie was very fast to try to grab our new friends.  In the end we decided that we needed to let them go sooner rather than later so prevent any sudden deaths by a grabby toddler.  

Later Grampa and Grandma stopped by to pick up the wagon full of hay that was still in our back yard and gave us a couple of tomatoes.  Felicity who doesn't like tomatoes asked as sweetly as she could if she could keep and save a tomato.  Grandma said yes and Felicity hugged and snuggled her tomato.  She was so happy with her "cute yittle tomato". 

Then it was off to the playset.  All three kids love to case and raise each other to the top of the slide.  Sometimes they use the ladders and other times they just go up the slide.  

When they take the slide they often end up in a tangled mess of arms and legs at the bottom of the slide.   

After fun on the slide Felicity and Wes ran off to find Daddy and Charlie and I had a little alone time on the swings.

He loves to be able to swing like the big kids.  I taught him to lay on his belly because sitting up just makes me too nervous and he doesn't like that I had to hold on to him that way.  He loves his independence and swings this way most often.  That is when the other children aren't already taking up the two swings.  

He can even push himself this way.  It makes a very independent baby happy.

We played together another couple of minutes before it was time to start dinner.   It was a good day.

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