Every year I try to go to the local apple orchard and pick some apples and take pictures of the kids. This year Matt as able to go with us, he hasn't been able to come with us in a couple years.  It was nice to go as a family.

My plans of getting a fall photo of the kids didn't work out exactly the way I planned it in my head. 

Charlie was just not having his brother using his hood as a leash.  

I scrapped the photo shoot idea and just picked apples.

We all love the crisp sweetness of freshly picked fall apples!

Wesley wanted to pick every apple off of every tree and taste every apple he picked.

When Charlie wasn't ducking under the apple trees and running off into different aisles he was following around his apple eating siblings begging for bites.

It is safe to say that we have another little apple lover!

Daddy adding his own brand of fun to our little trip.

He took Charlie for a walk because he was being a bear when we wouldn't let him roam the orchard alone.  Next thing I hear is his happy squeals and the other two laughing and telling me to look...up.

Charlie LOVED it!! 
 After Matt stopped he would thrust himself up like he thought it would make him go back up into the air.  He is a little dare devil.

Our bag of apples was bulging and the kids were getting crazy but I was determined to try again for a nice photo of my family.

No one else shared my enthusiasm for photo taking.

Poor Matt.  This may not be a great photo technically but it just cracks me up!  I love it.

We moved on to what everyone was waiting for, apple cider and sugar coated cider donuts!

Charlie ate all of his donut and half of Felicity's.  

Wesley ate at least two and a root beer flavored honey stick.  The sugar rush that followed was epic.

Felicity was having a hard time with her strawberry honey stick, Daddy had to help.  She was more interested in her stick than her donut, which made Charlie very happy.

As the sugar rushes kicked into full gear, we packed up and headed home.

We will be eating lots apple pies, apple crisp, apple oatmeal, apple sauce and apples with cinnamon this week  or until we make it back to the orchard again this year.

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