Quarterly Top 5 Photos: Quarter 3

This may be the third quarter but it is the first time that I am posting along with Sarah Halstead and her friends.  I think this is a great idea to post your favorite photos and why they are your favorites!

This is the most recent photo, taken just this past week.  I love it because it is such a natural capture of Matt interacting with his little boy.  Totally different from the way that I bond with my boys but perfect for a Daddy.  Every time I see it i can hear Charlie's squeals and giggles.

This photo was taken on Wesley's first day of Kindergarten.  He was so excited to be in school and ready to learn.  He is still up almost everyday before the alarm excited to head off to school.  

This was taken in July for Charlie's first birthday.  It bothers me that I cut off the back of his head but his sweet little profile is absolutely adorable!  This chubby round little baby face will look so different next year, I so glad to have this sweet picture of him.

I love this one because it was during one of my attempts to get a photo of all the kids together and they just started being sweet and sharing with each other.  Felicity is our sharer and this just really captures her sweeter side and how she takes care of her brothers.

This is my most favorite.  I sent Wes to bed for having a bad attitude.  His room was being used by other sleeping children so he was allowed to go into my bed.  When I came up to tell him he could come down I found him like this, sound to sleep snuggling his pillow and sucking his thumb.  This was shortly before he started school.  I knew that his days of napping in my bed were numbered and it made me emotional.  This is one of those photos that may not be the best or be special to anyone besides me but I absolutely love it!

Head over to Sarah's blog, look at all the other photos and link up as well if you would like. 


Amber said...

So glad you linked up with us.

The shot of the on the mower is to sweet. And I love the story behind the last one.

tiarastantrums said...

all lovely - my kiddos love to sleep in my bed!

Ashley Sisk said...

Love these moments - i especially love your last two shots!

Sarah Halstead said...

Beautiful photos. Love the last two. New blog look? It looks great.

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