Play time

Charlie is great at playing alone.  He just loves to play with the older kids toys.  We have baskets for the toys and if I give him the kitchen food basket  he will just play and chew for up to 45 minutes!  I can't remember the other two doing that.  

He sits and spins him self around to get to whatever he wants, pulls up on his crib or the baby doll crib, drools and plays.  My room is attached to the kid's room so I am able to fold and put away laundry while he plays happily. 

It probably helps that the other two and running about playing upstairs with us.  I  am sure that he stops and watches them as well and I know he enjoys it when they do stop and give him new toys or hats to play with.

Charlie just loves playing and exploring everything around him.  He makes having three pretty easy.

Makes me wonder what four would be like?

1 comment:

Heather said...

I've heard four is super easy after you have gotten used to three. ;-)
Now you know what a "play by themselves" baby is like! :)

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