Just hanging out

The other day I was in the kitchen washing dishes, Matt had taken Felicity to help his father do something, Charlie was napping and Wes was watching a movie.  I thought I heard Wes say something but didn't pay attention as he often talks to himself.  Then I heard it again.  "help...umm...lil' help here."

At first I didn't even see him.  I thought maybe he was stuck behind the couch.  When I did see him I just laughed.  Only Wes would find a way to hang from the bathroom door!  Instead of helping my hanging child I took a couple photos.  Poor boy.  He was laughing so hard once I started laughing that I am surprised he was able to hang on.

When asked why he climb up and hang on the door, his answer was simply "Cause I never did that before and when I thought about it, I thought I should."  

At one point he let go with one hand, adjusted the thermostat and pushed himself back over to the couch, kicked off the wall and smashed his fingers in the door frame.  That ended his much desired hang from the bathroom door.  We talked about why hanging from doors isn't a good idea even if it makes Mommy laugh and he decided he wouldn't do it again. 

Oh my sweet Wesley, you keep Mommy jumping.

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