cold feet

His feet must have been cold.

Wes woke up crying out in his sleep.  He talks, cries, yells, walks and hollers in his sleep often enough that Matt and I just sat up and looked in at him from our bed.  He was laying still so when his crying did not last we laid back down.  Again he cried out this time calling for me.  Matt got up since I have to climb over Matt to get out of bed.  I talked to him from bed and told him to sleep.  Wes calmed and laid back down.  Minutes later he did it again.  Matt goes back to him and this time sits Wes up and wakes him asked him what was wrong.  Wes moans and lays back down.  Matt stands and waits, within a minute Wes cries again, this time he says "ooouuu,  my feet."   Matt pulls back the covers to see what's wrong.

What he saw was purely a Wesley thing.  Wes had put on NINE pairs of socks, making himself casts for his feet.  They had cut up the blood flow to his feet and they were hurting him pretty badly.  Matt removed the casts and Wes fell back to sleep instantly.  The next morning I took a better look at the socks and I could barely get two fingers in the socks, I have no idea how he had his feet in them!

When I asked him why he would do that he said he was pretending to have casts on his feet when he fell to sleep.  He may never stop surprising me.

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Heather said...

Oh man.... :) I'm glad you guys woke up and that he kept crying so Matt could get the socks off!

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