Wall art

I wanted to hang some art up in the kid's room but I don't have a budget to spend much on something like that so I thought it would be fun to make our own.

I used on old poster frame that I had and them let the kids paint on the white side of the picture that came in the frame.

Wes made green fireworks and made loud sound effects with almost every splash of paint.  Felicity daintily painted with a q tip so that her fingers did not get "ditty".

Charlie kept trying to grab and eat the paper so I had to distract him with a treat of clementines in his mesh eating thing. 

Once the paper was painted to the kids satisfaction, I hung it on the white board to dry.

Now it hangs in their room and they are very proud of their own painting!

Here are a couple other wall art projects we now have hanging in the kid's room.


Jenilee said...

how cute!!! that is the best kind of wall art!

Susan said...

What a great ideas, it looks awesome!!

Anonymous said...

These are great paintings little artists! I think my walls could use some artwork..... You are always so creative Lu!!

Aunt Britty

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