Glitter letters

 I mentioned in an earlier post that Wes had a hard time wanting to write.  This was one of the ways that really gave him the confidence to write his name and started him on the path to being a very good writer.

Pour glitter into a pan or something to keep it from spreading anymore than it needs to.  Arm the kids with a glue stick and some paper and let them magically make the letters appear.

I think part of why Wes had a hard time with writing is because he wanted it to look like mine.  The beauty of the  glue is that he couldn't see it to notice if it was not perfect.  Then when he stuck it in the glitter and it came out all sparkly he was just too happy with the result to notice any imperfections.

I was surprised that Felicity was able to make letter just like Wesley was.  She love to color and scribbles on every piece of paper she can get her hands on.

The glitter does make a mess but the vacuum can quickly clean that up.  

Wes has a terrible time making a lower case e.   It was hard.  First try with the "magic letters" and he got it perfect!  He was so proud he hung the e on his chalk board so he could practice some more.  That one sparkly e gave him the confidence to really take off with his writing.

We love magic glitter letters!


Heather said...

Good job, Wes- that "e" looks great!!

We're totally doing that soon!!! Love that idea. :) Just need to buy more glue sticks!

Anonymous said...

You are amazing Wes! Great Job!!!

~Aunt Britty

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