A few days ago it was such a lovely day that I decided to take the kids outside to get a little sunshine.   Charlie got to play on a quilt for the first time.  I always love it when my babies were at the age where they are able to play on a quilt outside and actually stay on the quilt.  By the time real warm weather comes around I don't think he will be staying on the quilt anymore.  

Charlie was fascinated by the chickens and ducks.  He just twisted and turned to follow them all  over the yard.

Felicity needed my help and when I turned around from helping her I saw how sweetly Wes was playing with Charlie.  It makes me so happy that my kids genuinely love each and want to spend time with one another.

Soon after our play time began the big kids started asking for lunch.  I thought it would be exciting to have a picnic.  Charlie and I went in to prepare sandwiches and cheese sticks while the other two played with Charlie's toys.

 Someone must have told the birds about lunch because they ran behind me  as I carried out the meal.  Ruby is the most friendly hen and will eat right out of the kids  hands.  She kept running around from kid to kid getting bits to eat. 

We must  not have been feeding her fast enough, while we were talking she jumped up and snagged a whole cheese stick!  There are all the birds chasing her and her cheese stick!  It was very funny.  Every time she would stop to peck at it and others would surround her and try to take it.  Greedy birds.

It was quite the show.  Wes and Felicity laughed and laughed.  I'm not sure how much of their meal they actually ate and how much the hens ran off with.  Either way it was a fun lunch.

I'm looking forward to many more picnics this year!


Heather said...

How fun! That is hilarious- the pic with the hen and the cheese stick! hehe :)

Brittany Noel said...

Looks like an awesome day! I made a blog BTW. So excited, Now I don't have to be "anonymous" anymore!!

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