Today I am feeling sad and hating Texas.  Texas takes people far away from me and I don't like that at all.  It's first victum was my sister Brittany she married and got a great job in, you guessed it Texas.  Then my mom met and married at man who grew up in...Texas.  They don't live in Texas but 6 hours away and that  is too far away.  Then my sister Kirstie, who lived with us for over a year packed up and moved to Texas.  Kirstie no longer lives in Texas, she moved in with my mom but I believe if it wasn't for Texas she would still be here.  Then my youngest sister filled her car up and moved to Texas as well.  I am feeling alone today, missing my family and I am blaming it on Texas, sorry if you love Texas, right now I don't! I'm glad my family is happy just wish we could all be happy closer to each other.   
Love you guys!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for making me cry, I love and miss you and the kids every day and wish Texas was way closer to all of the people I love! You are an amazing sister, friend, and mother. I look up to you and hope to be like you when I grow up. I love you Lu.

Aunt Britty

Kristi said...

I hear you Lindsay. The only difference is that I'm the one that moved away from everyone else. I def have those "lonely" days.

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