Seven Months

These photos  were taken the day before your seven month birthday.  I was so sure that you were going to crawl before you turned seven months but you hadn't.  You get into this weird position with both your hands and your feet flat on the ground and your bottom way up in the air.  It looks like you are ready to start running a race. 

Before you turned seven months you learned to clap your hands and will sometimes clap along when Mommy or your siblings clap to music or because we are cheering for you.  You look so happy when you are clapping!  We are all proud of you.

Your newest trick which you just mastered is going from a laying position to a sitting position all on your own.  I was shocked when you did this and I actually caught it on video!!  You LOVE this new ability and easily get yourself up when you tip over while sitting.  You are quickest about getting up when Mommy lies you down to bed, before I get the covers on you you are already sitting up and reaching for me to hold you.  This makes it much harder for me to actually get you to stay put.  Once I get the covers on you, you usually stay down until you wake.  It is very sweet to see you sitting in your crib waiting for me to pick you up.

6-9 month clothes are getting small, especially the one pieces, they are starting to pull on your shoulders when you stand.  I can't believe that you are in 12 month clothes and that you once again have out grown some of my favorite outfits.  It is always so bitter sweet to put away little clothes and bring out the bigger ones. 

You weigh about 17 pounds and are around 27 inches.  I think you may be a little taller now.  Your hair is coming in very nicely and the very few stands of hair that did not fall out are over two inches long.   You are consistently sleeping through the night.   It has been over a week with you going to bed between 7:30-8:00 and sleeping 12 hours.  Then you nap around 10 for about an hour and nap again between 1 and 2 for 2 or rarely 3 hours.  I like this little routine we have going, it works well for the both of us.

You are by far the easiest of my children to make laugh.  Simply dropping a book, blinking my eyes, or opening my mouth wide can send you into long bouts of laughter.  It is the sweetest thing!  Right now you think that Felicity jumping is about the funniest thing you have ever seen.

Daddy is not able to hold or care for you much as you have really only been wanting Mommy.  Sometimes you won't even let him feed you your bottle when you really are hungry.  I don't remember the other kids refusing to eat from Daddy the way you do.  You will sit with Daddy sometimes and I know that that make him happy.

Seven month have flown by.  Times seems to go faster with each baby I have but I am doing my best to remember and savor every baby moment.  You are so love sweet Charlie!


Anonymous said...

I love you Charlie and am sad that I am so many of your milestones. I am so glad you have such a great mommy to document every thing for us! I hope to see you soon and kiss your sweet cheeks!!

Aunt Britty

Heather said...

Beautiful post! I love that you wrote this to Charlie, that is very sweet!
They are both growing up so fast.
The only thing Ty has in common with Charlie is the reaching for me thing, I love that, too. :)

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