These are the dollies that are constantly being picked up and taken back out.  I can't tell you how often I pick them up or have the kids pick them up.  Sometimes they actually get put away other times they just get picked up and played with again.  Felicity set them up to take a nap while she ate her breakfast in the above photo.  She is totally in love with all her dollies but she doesn't stay in love with the same ones for long.  This is her newest most loved gag and they are all over the house all day long.  I know the day will come when dollies aren't a constant companion or clutter around here.  I try to remind myself that when I get really tired of seeing the dolls on the living room floor.  No matter how tired I get of picking them up seeing them all laid out together for a nap, neatly tucked into bed at night, sitting together with plastic hands laying on top of each other, or hearing Felicity making them talk and pretend they are mommies and daddies to other dollies, I stop and smile.


Brittany Dixon said...

I love that three of her "dollies" are not traditional girl dollies. I have a picture of Amelia on the couch under a blanket with 7 dolls tucked in next to her. I love that little girls love to play with their babies!!

~Aunt Britty

Heather said...

Awwww, I love this!! :) Almost made me want to cry.

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