Daddy time

 Matt works in his building a lot when he is home from work.  It is his place to fix things and work on his projects.  This means that if the kids sometimes go out with him so I can get a few things done alone.  I don't often go out there with them for two reasons, one, if I do I'm not getting anything done inside and two, I never leave without taking all the kids back in with me.  I love spending time with them but occasionally it is nice to have alone to to work or just sit.

I am glad that I went out the other day.  Wes came in and told me the Charlie had fallen to sleep in the swing.  I grabbed my camera and hurried out but by the time I got there he was no longer sleeping.  What I found was even better.

Charlie was laughing and having a blast with his siblings as they took turns pushing him.  First Felicity was just pushing him but Wes quickly joined in and the higher they pushed the happier Charlie became.  He loves the swing that Matt put up for him.  It's one of the few ways that Matt gets to spend happy time with him.  I'm glad that they are all able to spend time together with Matt even if he is still kind of working while they do.

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Anonymous said...

Very cute way to spend time with Daddy. How many of the kids went back inside with you Lu? I love that all of the kids enjoy playing together and making each other happy!

~Aunt Britty

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