Tea Party

We went to our friend Heather's house for a tea party.  We originally planned to go to a park for the weather was too cold and windy play for long so we decided a nice warm tea party would work better.

While the big kids had their party, Charlie had his own fun playing with his friend's toys.


I remember having fun with tea parties as a kid and I know that my children enjoy them as well.  It is great that they have friends to have little parties with.

They had tea biscuits, biscotti and sugar cubes.  I think the sugar cubes were the biggest hit!

Sugar cubes and cream they kept asking for more cream, next time we could probably just skip the tea all together and just give them sugar and milk.  

It was fun.  Heather and I chatted and tended to our babies while the tea continued.  After the tea was gone the kids ran about playing and chasing each other.  It is so good that they have friends to play together and grow up with.   Even if what they teach each other is not always the best, like running outside half dressed to play on the swings on a very windy day. 

Fun and laughs were had by all!

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Heather said...

Love it! I love that you mentioned we were supposed to go to the park! :) Good memories. I'll have to post about toddler running after the big boy to play outside. hehe

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