Bouncing Boy

 Charlie like to jump




 The Jonny Jump Up is his favorite place to hang out when I am busy.  He gets a lot of attention while in there because it hangs in the doorway between our kitchen/dinner room and living room.  He can see everything that is going on downstairs, be part of the action and jump till his happy feet can't jump any more. 

 When I was taking the above photos of Charlie Felicity wanted her photo taken and kept lifting her shirt every time I was about to take a photo.  I'm not sure what that was about.  

 I did manager to catch a couple of her with her shirt down.  She is a silly girl.

 A friend just gave Charlie a walker and he is happy in there as well.  We don't have a lot of open space for him to walk about much but he does seem to scoot himself about fairly well where he can.

I think he is going to love it when I go to work with him on the weekends.  I can't get over how quickly he is growing and how little time I have left before he is mobile on his own!

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