"Mad" Birds

 Wesley first learned about "Mad" Birds, he calls Angry Birds Mad Birds and no amount of correcting has changed it, from his Grandan's cell phone.  Since then he has fallen more and more in love with them.

 My mom gave him a pig and a bird for Christmas and he sleeps with them every night.  Usually he just throws them at random things and occasionally the wrong things.  

 I was going to make him some of the Angry Bird crafts that I have seen on Pinterest but I just haven't gotten around to them yet. 

 When I suggested that we use the blocks to make pig towers he jumped up and down with excitement. 

 I was impressed with some of his designs and patience in making the towers stable.

 Even his minion joined in the fun!

 This fun lasted almost an hour which rates right up there with Play Doh for keeping Wes' attention the longest.  He really enjoyed himself and we all had fun helping him and counting down for him to throw his bird.

I think we found another fun indoor activity to fill up our long winter.

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Heather said...

Awesome! Brad saw those angry birds crafts on pinterest and told me to make them for him. :) I have yet to do it, too. That set up you have there looks perfect though!

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