Bouncy Balls

Bouncy Balls

I got the idea off of Pinterest .  

2T of warm water and 1/2t of borax

Add food coloring and stir till disolved.

  In another bowl add 1T glue.

 Add to that 1/2t of colored borax mixture and 1T cornstarch.

Wait an agonizing 15 seconds...


and stir

till it looks like this.

When it's too hard to stir take it out and mush and roll it in your hands or let the kids do like I did.  It's icky sticky for a minute but quickly sticks to it's self and comes right off your hands.  When it forms a ball and is no longer icky, bounce it...gently.

Or just play with it.

(Note: it is glue so encourage the kids to keep it out of their hair.  I will stick and result in much screaming and a shower.)

Other wise have fun and enjoy your bouncy balls.  They did not turn out the way I was expecting but the kids did not seem to mind.  Ours collected all the cereal crumbs on the floor so keep the balls on a table or you will end up with ugly bouncy balls.

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Heather said...

That's awesome! I happen to have all the ingredients, too!! Thanks for posting. :) I wonder if it's ok to use the white elmer's glue instead of the clear....

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