My boys

Memorial Day was another cherished family day.  I'll post about the first portion of the day later but for now I just have to share this.  Matt and Wesley bonded over a four stroke engine and it was beautiful!

It was an unplanned time of bonding, giggles, and grins.   We were driving back from Matt's parent's house (if you remember they live within viewing distance away).  Matt and Wes on the bike (it's an on/off road bike, today it was off road)  and Felicity and I on my four wheeler, when Matt decided to take Wes on an adventure through the fields and around the backyard.  It say Wes was thrilled would be an understatement!

The boy could not stop laughing!  It was precious.  I did not have time to play with the settings on my camera and to be honest action shots are not my best anyways but I will cherish these memories for year to come!

These two boys are make my heart so happy and to see the two of them sharing such a great time was amazing. 

This evening alone will keep me smiling for a long time.

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Heather said...

Very sweet!! I bet he loved that! :-) I like the shots, Lindsay- to be honest, with the bit of blurriness and the black and white it looks like a sweet old photo. Years from now when you look back on these, even though you know technology was awesome, it will have a nice, old sentimental feel. :)

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