Family time

I was supposed to post this two weeks ago but I never did.  It was such a fun day that I don't want it to go unblogged even if it is much later than it should be.

We took the kids away from home for the day.  We wanted to spend time with them without any interruptions or home responsibilities.  It is all too easy to put off playing because you see that the laundry needs folding or the grass needs to be mowed.

So we packed up, stopped at the grocery store for a sub and drinks and drove about an hour from home to visit a park we had never been to.

We had a blast!

It is so great to get away even if for just a couple hours and spend time together as a family.

There was a lake at the park and the kids had fun throwing sticks and rocks it the water and watching the Canadian Geese take off  and land.  Felicity was fascinated by all the "pitty" treasures she found at the waters edge.

Wes went a little wild at first and ran from one play area to the next, jumping, climbing, hanging, and randomly shrieking.  

We walked up and down the sidewalks collecting flowers, stones, sticks, and looking at ants.  Matt brought Wesley's bike and he zoomed past us and all around us.  He even tried unsuccessfully to ride in the sand.

One of my favorite parts of the day was when Matt decided to try to take the wheels off of Wes' bike.  Felicity kept giving them to me and saying "Uuut Oh Boke", it was very sweet.

Matt walked up and down with Wes for a little while but it was obvious that Wes would rather just play and did not have the motivation to learn a new skill right then.   Matt put the wheels back on loose,r so that Wes might learn to stabilize the bike a little.  We will give two wheeling another try some other day.

In all it was a perfect day.  After leaving the park we went to an Apple orchard, fed ducks, tasted yummy samples and bought fudge.  Once home we all took a short family nap and then continued relaxing and hanging out outside in our backyard.  We were all refreshed and happy after a day of just being together!


Aurie said...

What a fun day! My girls would be all over the water :)

Heather said...

Wonderful! I love those kind of days! Too cute about Felicity saying the wheels were "boke" Brad would do that, too. Hehe :)

Katherine said...

Certainly looks like a blast :) Wonderful shots!

K xx

Anonymous said...

I love these. The upside down one is so cute.

Faith said...

awww - these are SO cute!!! I really treasure the photos of my kids playing at the park... it just seems cute at the moment but now that my kids are growing up SO fas I treasure them twice as much. I especially love the ones of Felicity swinging and climbing. SO cute!!

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