Memorial Weekend

Sunday night on Memorial weekend we made a trip to WalMart to pick up a couple things.  While I was getting the cart, Matt was holding Felicity's hand and she let her legs drop out and twisted at the same time.  Matt felt and heard a crack in her wrist and my tough little cookie started crying.

I could immediately tell that she was hurt.  I assumed she would be fine with a couple snuggles and kisses, but quickly saw that she was not moving her arm and was holding it very oddly so I began to worry.  I'm not the worrier in our family, Matt holds that title but even I was seeing an ER visit in our very near future.  Matt took her to look at dollies as a distraction and then to the car to get her binki (yes she still has a binki....stop judging me Julie :)  She did ok with the distractions but would not really move her arm and whined "boo boo" and pointed to her wrist.

Once home I got on the internet to look up what a wrist fracture or dislocated wrist would look like or what it's symptoms would be.  Finding nothing useful, I called a friend with a sports medicine background and we headed to her house.  I wanted to see what she thought before we spent a holiday weekend night at the ER.

After what I thought was a thorough examination of her wrist we decided as best we could without an x-ray that her wrist was not broken or out of place.  We gave Felicity some infant advil, a popsicle, a kitty ice pack and headed home.
The night was pitiful and more than once I almost packed her into the car  to get an x-ray.  Morning finally arrived and as a last resort I wrapped Felicity's wrist in some sticky gauze.  She was less than pleased with me doing so but almost immediately stopped whining.   We saw improved movement within an hour.

We decided to carry on with our Memorial Day plan to go the the park and get ice cream.  As soon as we arrived at the park any remaining thoughts that an ER visit was unavoidable vanished.

Felicity ran full steam ahead to the play ground and grabbed a hold of the bouncy toy with both hands.  She then ran to the ladder and climbed it to the top of a slide.  She was acting absolutely perfect.  Matt and I exchanged many surprised looks and kept saying "look what she's doing" and "well it's definitely not broken".  

Her recovery was much faster and easier than we thought it was going to be but we are so thankful that she is no longer in any pain.  

Now that the fear of our little girl being in pain and spending time in the ER were behind us, we got done to the serious business of having fun and exploring the park.

Wes showed Felicity all the "cool" bugs, where to find and how to hold armfuls of pine cones, and  how to shoot water from drinking fountains.

After hours of fun we went to our favorite ice cream place and then headed home for a family nap.  When our long naps were over we rode down to Matt's parents for a small picnic.  

Wesley was thrilled that Matt's cousin Jeremy was there and Felicity ate her weight in pasta salad and watermelon.  Then of course we ended the night with some delicious Father/Son bonding time.   We had much to be thankful for and great memories were made during this year's Memorial Day weekend.  What did you do?


Pixel Perfect said...

What a fun weekend! Glad felicity is feeling better!
We spent it with my mom and stepdad. We grilled out and had some good fellowship time.

Anonymous said...

Looks like fun. What a great weekend.

Emy VV said...

I actually was home cause Aaron, Ben's friend from Coby, cut his finger pretty good and had to get surgery so he was out of work and wanted to see Sarah (his girl) so I drove him and got to go home! We hung out at the pond and had a good old hicknick! I am so glad Felicity is okay! I love and miss you!

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