It has rained here a lot in the last couple of days and rain means mud and mud means fun!

Wes loves puddles.

I love watching him have fun.

Felicity loves to play alone in the mud and totally freaks out when her brother splashes her face or heaven forbid it knocks her in said mud puddle.

She prefers to get muddy all on her own.

Wes however will get dirty with or without anyone's help.

He also has no problem finding slimy grimy  friends.

I love this dirty little kid, no matter how many of  his slimy friends he hangs in my face.

Love him more than he loves mud!


Miranda said...

Oh my gosh, my kids would go nuts over that! We haven't had rain in so long, I am dying for one good storm to come along. Looks like so much fun. :)

Jenilee said...

that is so much fun! don't kids just love messes? :) Anything dirty and grimy and they are all happy! great pictures too :)

Pennie said...

What a good mom you are! (And a fun one, too!) There is nothing more fun to a kid than a mud puddle, is there? These are the BEST PICTURES!!! You cannot look at them without smiling!

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