Father's Day

I'm late once again but it's better to be late than never to write at all, right?  Either way, I'm here now because if I don't write it down I just might forget what I great day we had and that would be very sad.

 Every year Father's Day falls on a tractor show near us.  Which means every year we spend Father's Day breathing in tractor fumes and going for rides in the tractor parade.  I used to ride with Matt similary to the way his cousin Jeremy is, by standing on the back but since having kids I have taken to photographing the event and letting the kids ride.  This year Wes insisted that Jeremy ride with them.  He just loves Jeremy. 

Wes rode on a seat that Matt made on the fender and Felicity drove.  Matt said that she actually drove for a good part of the parade.  She loves to ride on the tractor or four wheeler with her Daddy or anyone who is willing to give her a ride!  

The show was full this year and it was the first year in a long time that I remember it not raining or being so stinken hot that your free helium balloons pop the instant they get into the sweltering car!  This year our balloons made it home or I should say one made it home.  I  accidentally let one fly out the window of the car while trying to take a photo of the guys driving the tractors home.  Oops!

Wes is right at home at these shows.  He walks around and shows off the equipment like he runs the place.  This year he led Jeremy around more than Matt but that was just fine with Felicity because it meant she got her Daddy all to herself.  She eats up anytime alone with her Daddy.

A trip to the Gas Up would not be complete without seeing friendly familiar faces or riding on the pedal tractors.  This year Felicity and Bradley were big enough to pedal the tractors some.  

The ride home is always a favorite!  Matt took Felicity for the first time,  I was leery on letting her go for such a long ride but she and Matt insisted so I followed in case she needed me.  She did not.  Wes of course went with Jeremy.   

We rounded out the night with a camp fire, hot dogs and smore's.  It was a great day and Matt deserved every moment of it!


Heather said...

It was a very nice day that day! :) Great pics- e-mail me the one of Brad, I did not get a good one of him on a tractor. :)

Anonymous said...

How fun! Looks like a great day. Love these photos.

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