Big Boy Toys

 What would make a boy run screaming in joy after his Father and sister on the four wheeler and attempt to climb on the back, while it was running?   Why would he do such a dare devil stunt that almost made his Mommy drop her camera and chase after him?  Why would he give his father a near heart attach?  

Quite possibly because we let him do this. 

Matt rigged a four wheeler so that it will not leave 1st gear and can only accelerate to a safe speed for Wes to drive .    I don't think there is anything else is the world that would have made this boy  happier.  His grin went from ear to ear and his giggles could be heard all the way across the yard!

He begged us to let him take his sister for a ride.  We would not allow this.  Then he asked if he could take me and he promised not to go too fast.    He is such a cutie.  He loves to be with his family and share his joy.  He knows how much he loves it when we give him rides so why would we not want to ride with him? 
I love this boy!

All this new found freedom on "his" four wheeler is what I think gave him to gumption to run after and try to snag a ride while Matt was giving  the patient Felicity a ride.  For all you who flipped out at seeing Wes dangling from the back of the four wheeler, it won't be happening again.  We explained all the dangers to him and hope to never see that again!

Then again, it could be because the same night Matt also let Wes drive "his" tractor.  This tractor belonged to Matt's Grandpa and actually belongs to Matt's father now but if you were to ask Wes he would proudly tell you it was "his" tractor!

Matt has let him drive this one on a few other occassions and he is getting very good at it.  Matt has to push in and release the clutch and adjust the throttle but I'm sure it will only be a matter of a year or so and Wes will be mastering that as well.  Matt was driving a tractor around a field doing actual field work at 6!!  I assure you Wes will not be doing that!

For now and years to come he can drive his tractors around the lawn, giving us rides and going in circles while Matt or I ride on the back or walk beside him.

I personally loved the view as Wes drove his whole family around the lawn.  His wavy hair blowing, dirty fingers gripping the electrical tape covered wheel and busy little head turning this way and that watching to not run over a chicken.  It was priceless.

I'm in awe at what this little guy can do and is chomping at the bit to do.  He is so full of life and happiness.  

I could not help but imagine years from now, this little boy will not be so little.  His hands will no longer look so tiny holding the large wheel, his feet will be able to push in the clutch, he'll sit tall above the seat and wave good bye to me as he rides off to help his father do something important.  

I try not to do that.  I think about how quickly my children are growing up.  I try to focus on each phase they are in as they are in it but sometimes my mind wonders.  I saw him growing up as he drove me around the lawn. It's hard not to see it when I see his father in him so much.  Sometimes he is such a mini Matt it is scary!

And then there are those moments when I ask him to look at me and he pulls out the four year old Wesley and I smile from ear to ear. 


Ashley Sisk said...

I remember having a four-wheeler growing up...so much fun! Looks like they were having a blast too.

Pixel Perfect said...

What a great idea! Looks like he's having a blast.

Heather said...

Awwwww :) That is a good idea about rigging the four wheeler! I actually thought the first pic was funny- obviously he survived. Haha :)

Anonymous said...

Ha ha! How fun!

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