Perfect Timing

 I had this brilliant allbeit late idea for Father's Day.  I would have my friend Heather over to take photos of me and the kids and I would in turn take some of her and Brad for our husbands. 

This of course was a mere couple of days before Father's Day.  I am always so prepared for everything.  Ha!  Or not! 

Well the day arrived.  I believe it was Friday.  Correct me if I'm wrong Heather.  The sun was out and it was perfect to take photos outside.   I felt horrible.  I called and pushed back the time till after naps. Heather was more than flexible with my time change.  On her drive over however the skies turned dark and one hoot of a storm rolled in.  Seriously, it down poured for a good 1/2 hour.   

We decided to just let the kids play inside for awhile and after an hour the sky cleared up and we decided to head out into the soggy yard to get at least a few shots.  We could not go in the fields as planned or sit any where besides the picnic table.

We literally took photos of each other for 5 minutes.  The kids were just too excited about the puddles and ducks to concentrate on anything but fun.   It was fast and furious.  

I however am in love with some of the shots that Heather got!  This one above was caught the moment that Felicity jumped off the table without any warning.  I just happened to catch her and Heather snapped and perfect time.  I love this photo of us!

Sometimes it does not matter what plans you have, God has a better one.  It may seem totally wrong at the time or ill planned but God is up to something bigger.

I am so glad we trudged through the mud and got soggy bottoms sitting on the picnic table to get these special moments.  It was not what I planned but I love how God worked it all out and Matt was thrilled with his Father's Day gift!

Thanks Heather!


Sarah said...

Awww. These are so cute.

Ashley Sisk said...

In 5 minutes, some great moments were captured. And with kids...that's all you can usually capture anyways. :)

Heather said...

Hehe, it did work out! :) It was Wednesday! I ordered my prints and picked them up on Saturday- just in time. :)

Faith said...

These are SO SO sweet!!! :)

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