Time Away

Last weekend I surprised Matt with an early birthday present.  I trip for just  the two (or three if you are counting our littlest boy) to the Finger Lakes.  Originally I was going to take the kids but thought Matt and I could use some time away to just be us together.  Let me just say that had my sister in law not been so excited to have both kids for the weekend I would have totally backed out on leaving them!

I wasn't the happiest camper for the first half an hour or so of our ride to the Lakes.  I hated leaving the kids.  I knew they would be fine and that time away was a good thing so I talked myself got out of my  funk and remembered my reason for leaving them in the first place. 
My husband and how much I love him!

We camped at a little campground with nasty showers.  The kind of showers that have things living in them, the kind you wouldn't dream of removing your shoes in.  It was quiet there and that is what we wanted.  I forgot when planning this trip that I chose Mother's Day weekend and it appeared that not many moms go camping on Mother's Day so we kind of had the place to ourselves.

We spend almost every second of daylight outside, talking, walking, eating, sitting, and taking photos of beautiful waterfalls. 

All I have to say is Ithaca is Gorges!  I saw that on a bumper sticker and thought it was kind of funny.  Funny but so true.

We walked and walked and walked.  It was perfect.  We joked about all the falling rock zones and planned escape plans for if they started falling while we walked under them.  We were silly and that was so refreshing.

We ate picnic lunches with sun on our faces.  Talked to the kids at night and watched movies in the dark.  

We covered the majority of two state parks chuck full of gorges and waterfalls in one day.   There was an endless supply of thing to do and I found the most awesome places to do photo shoots!  

On the way home we stopped for custard cones and Matt bought me a raspberry bush!  I can't wait to pick raspberries in my own back yard.

So leaving the kids was not such a bad idea.  In fact I think we should do it once a year because the amount of closeness and fun Matt and I had in 2 days was so refreshing and exactly what we needed as a family.  Spending time alone was not only good for us as a couple but for us as a family unit.  

We are already planning a return trip this fall, with all three kids and talking about possible places to go on our next "just you and me" weekend. 


Heather said...

Sounds wonderful and refreshing! :)

Aurie said...

This made me homesick! I haven't been back to that region in a few years. So glad that you enjoyed it!

Christina said...

Gorgeous pictures! I'm so glad you two had a nice trip! :)

Sarah said...

How fun! Gorgeous photos. Sounds like a great time.

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