Dirty Face days

The weather here has been perfect during the day and full of rain and thunderstorms in the evenings.   Perfect weather for eating ice cream cones outside and not worrying about cleaning up till its past bed time and the sun is slowly setting.  I  don't know about you or your family but over here, we stay up much later in the summer because we just can't waste the sunshine!

We had our first of many ice cream cones at home the other night.  Then while Matt mowed the lawn I played with the kids in the field and took some fun photos.

I watched as Felicity failed to keep up with her super speedy brother,

And learned the fine art of blowing dandelions.

Explained to Wesley that mustard weed is fun to pick but does not taste like the mustard that he loves to put on his hot dogs and hamburgers.

We all found out that we really DO love butter by holding buttercups up to our chins and seeing the yellow reflecting.  This was something that I did as a little girl and have fond memories of.

Attempted self portraits with my kids.  Even if it is blurry I can't help but LOVE this photo.  Wes' smiles are completely contagious!   I can't look at this without smiling back at him.

These next couple of photos make me so happy.  They are truly Felicity faces, that until now I have failed to capture with my camera.  This is what we call her crazy eyes face.  She makes it often and it cracks me up everytime.

Here is her grumpy face which usually follows her crazy eyes.  She will go back and forth between the two faces till she gets you laughing.  It's a trick of hers to try to get out of trouble as well.  She knows it makes me laugh and trys to use it to get me to forget that she's in time out or being disciplined.  

What's a mom to do with a face like this?

Or this?  I seriously have some beautiful kids!

Who love to swing with their Daddy.

I did not do a very good job of capturing these moments but their little faces  couldn't have been happier.

I just love days like this!

Perfect late Spring days.  Perfect in a very dirty faced way.


Heather said...

Sweet Spring memories. :) I remember doing the buttercup thing, too.

Julie said...

I love these!! You do have beautiful kids!

Photo Freak said...

Super cute

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