Little Peeps

We have been having a blast these past few weeks playing outside and visiting with friends and family.  Easter was great!  We went to my Aunt Mary's house, which was sweetly decorated with Felicity's favorite treats,  Peeps! 

My mom and two youngest siblings  came up to spend a long weekend with us.   Wes survived his first car accident, when my mom hit a deer.  Her car is still at a local shop getting fixed but thankfully no one was hurt, you know besides the deer.

Our ducklings are no longer babies!  I can't believe how fast they grew.  We are still waiting to see if we have girls or boys are a combination of the two.  I realize this photo only shows two but there are still three ducks. 

My baby is still growing happily.  Matt and I are amazed at the positions he gets in and how crooked my belly looks at times.  We are still working on a name for this sweet little guy. We have a few we like but nothing for sure yet. Any suggestions?

We are love love loving all the sunshine!  The kids hair is already lightening up as quick as their skin is tanning.  I am so thankful that they did not inherit my pale freckly skin!

Wes is teaching Felicity all the scary ways to play on the swingset.  She quickly and easily climbs the ladders but thankfully is not allowed to crawl across the top like her brother yet.  I am sure though if given the opportunity she would give it a try.

I have to get a post up of all things they have said lately.  They are full of the funniest things!

Oh and share with you the wonderful kid free weekend I spend with Matt camping last weekend!  So fun.

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Heather said...

Felicity's Easter outfit is so sweet. :) I'm glad you clarified about the number of ducks- I was wondering. hehe
Cool belly shot! My little guy gets in weird positions, too....funny how they do that. :)
I have to write down all Brad's funny things soon because I keep telling myself "I'll put that in a post, I'll put that in a post" and I forget. I better hurry while he is saying his current funny things. :)

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