The time is quickly approaching when this sweet little girl will no longer be the baby of the family.  When she is grow up right before my eyes.  The day she turns into a big sister will be a wonderful day her and I.  It will also hold just the slightest bit of sadness because as I watch one beautiful baby enter my life, I will watch another turn into a big girl.

Sure she'll still be the same but not the same at the same time.  I've seen it happen before.  So when she puts her arms up and asked to be held, I hold her.  When she wants to snuggle in bed at 6am, we do.  When she cries and asks me to re-wrap her baby for the 10th time in 2 minutes I do it again.  When she walks around in her diaper and pigtails I take mental pictures to remember forever that she was once a baby too. 

I remember how fast Wesley grew up into a boy once we brought Felicity home.  He seemed to change and mature literally over night.  He was and still is such an amazing big brother.

Since this is the second time I am going to be bringing home a baby to a home that already has children in it, I am cherishing every moment I have with my baby girl and her helpful big brother.

She adores babies and tends to her dolls for the most part very sweetly.  Matt and I joke about her swaddling her little brother and fighting with me over who gets to hold him. 

I know that she is going to love her brother.  I know that I am still going to have time for her and Wes and that I can do this whole being a mom of 3.  I just want to memorize everything about this season that we are in right now.  Felicity's sweet button nose, Wesley's unruly hair, early morning snuggles with my Peanut, quiet time with Wes while his sister sleeps, holding each of their tiny chubby hands in mine as we walk across the lawn to check on the baby robins, being able to carry all my children at the same time, and watching their little faces light up as they feel their brother move inside me.  These are things I don't ever want to forget!

We are all so excited and unready for this little guy to arrive.  With the other children I was ready months ahead.  Bags packed, tiny clothes folded, baby book purchased and filled out, coming home outfit neatly tucked into my hospital bag, name completely and 100% picked out, and even diapers in their own spot.  This time is different, less planned and organized.  Oh I am sure it will happen, I'm just too busy loving on my precious ones that I already have filling up my days.  I know that I could make them play alone and do it but I have not.  I'm totally relaxed and calm and joke that have no clothes for my sweet baby to wear when he come home. 

Maybe next week or the week after, I have 7 to go, that's plenty of time.  Today I am going to collect dandelions and blow the with my children.  We are going to walk barefoot in the soggy back yard and not care that our feet resemble those of dirty hobbits.  We are going to be a happy trio and love it because soon we will be a lovely bunch of 4 and that is going to be a totally different kind of wonderful.

A beautiful new life.

Full the max.


Aurie said...

So, so sweet! That is exactly how I felt before we brought our second baby home - my baby turned into a toddler overnight! I still can't quite grasp how it all happened so quickly. Blessings to you during this time as you celebrate the four of your together, before you become five :)

Heather said...

Awwwww!!! :) I'm not worried either that nothing is ready for my little guy, too. :)

Anonymous said...

Haha, thats it, you should name the baby Max, :)

Anonymous said...

btw Kirstie just left that last message, I just didnt feel like signing into my name to leave a comment so I left it anonymous, until I told you who i was :)

Sarah said...

Awww. These are sweet photos. They grow up too quickly.

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