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I have been seriously neglecting my blog lately.  I know it's not the first time and I'm sure it won't be the last.  I love it  but it takes time and I just have not been making it a priority, not to mention the fact that for over two weeks I was completely without a computer (it broke AGAIN), this winter has been very hard on us all and we have been sick more than not sick lately.  It's been rough.  At this moment, no one is sick and the computer is working so not making this a priority is my only excuse.   So all that being said I am here to play a little catch up game..again.

I mentioned earlier that we now have three Peking ducklings.  I failed to mention that our beloved Tom and Donna met a very sad sad demise.  The hungry culprit was caught and won't be munching on our pets any more.  Needless to say there were tears shed and these 3 little guys or gals made one sad little  boy a little less sad.   On  a side note, three ducklings, in upstate NY where there is still snow and freezing temps is not a great idea, let's just say they are a lot of work but it'll be worth it, or that's not I keep telling myself anyways.

We are still combating cold weather and there is always the potential for more snow well into April.  I'm so ready for Spring!  Ready for sunshine and color, oh how I miss color. These snowy photos are from a week or so ago.  Most of our snow has melted but it is still barely above freezing and windy enough to take your clothes off the line. 

We are playing name games over here.  I pick a name and Matt picks a reason he doesn't like it.  It sounds worse than it really is but I would love to have a name for the little boy I feel moving around so often.  We are all in love with him already.  Wes couldn't be happier to have a brother.  He wanted a boy because as he so wonderfully put it, "I don't need another sister.  I already have one.  I need a brother to help protect my Peanut (what he calls Felicity)!"   I have to say Felicity is going to be very well protected.

I have a whole post planned for Wes and all his wonderfully insightful questions.  He asks questions that I would never think of asking.  He thinks of things differently than I do so coming up with a way to answer him in a way that works for him has been a slight challenge for Matt and I.

Little Felicity is kind of clueless about her soon to be big sister status.  She still loves being the baby and cuddling with her Mommy.  She is in love with all things girly and shoes!  She is finally communicating in semi sentences and perfecting her pout when she is told she can not do or have something.  It's seriously cute and not working as well as she was hoping.  

This week is full to the max with cleaning, working, doctor appointments, kindergarten (I can't believe I'm about to have a kindergartner!) registration, packing, couch repairs, laundry, and driving to PA to see my favorite middle sister KIRSTIE, who is visiting my mom from Texas!  We are all excited to get to see her again.   

I won't promise more timely updates but I will try.  Until next time I hope you are all well and having a great week!


Kristi said...

Aw I didn't know you were having a boy! So exciting. Tom and I did that with baby names before we were even trying. I think we have chosen our names for good though.

Pixel Perfect said...

Congrats! I didn't realize you were expecting. That's so exciting!! I love your pictures!

Heather said...

Nice post and pics. In a month or probably less you'll have vibrant pictures here I'm sure. :) Wow- registration for Wes. Oh boy! :)
And, amidst your already jam packed schedule your fellow pregnant friend is making you go to Jo Ann's this week. Ha!

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