24 weeks

Today I had my glucose testing.  I have always passed these with my other two pregnancies so I am thinking that I passed this one as well.  My appointments are a breeze this time around, with Felicity she had a small heart calcification so I was monitored closely and with Wes I was so ill and his was head sitting on my cervix that I was monitored more often as well.  This time everything is going swimmingly.  The only downfall is I don't get to see this little guy as often.  I do get sick on occasion but it's nothing compared to Wes' pregnancy.  My blood pressure is perfect!  With both previous pregnancies I have had issues that ended up being the reason I was induced.  So far so good, and I am very happy about that! 

An other great thing about this pregnancy is that I am feeling well and able to do everything that I did pre-pregnancy.  Sometimes I forget that there is a tiny baby forming inside of me but his powerful kicks are always a happy reminder.  I am two pounds lighter than my pre-pregnancy weight, so I am still able to wear my fat jeans buttoned and my maternity jeans give me a sever case of saggy bottom.  I know this will change soon so I am enjoying this comfortable (saggy bottom) stage.

I don't have any cute photos to show you but I'm hoping to get some this weekend while at my mom's house.  I really don't look pregnant as I'm over weight to begin with but I want to get a few anyways.  I have to run now, to fold and pack clothes for our trip.  We are all super excited to see Kirstie and miss the snow storm that is supposed to dump up to 14 inches of heavy wet snow on our home this weekend! 

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Jeanette said...

so glad to hear that this pregnancy is going so smoothly for you! It is always amazing to me how different each pregnancy is - I had three, and with each one, there were different complications, different problems, different feelings, etc.

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