The Tale of two ducks

Not that long ago in a town just around the corner, there lived a little boy, a happy little boy, Wesley.  This little boy had a wish.  He wanted his very own pet duck.

And since ducks like company,  his Mommy got him two.

Two of his very own sweet little Mallard ducks.  And boy did his little ducks love to swim!

Little Wesley would wrap his duckies in a warm towel after their swim and sing to them.  They were such happy friends.

When it was warm enough, Wesley asked to take his ducks outside to play.

They loved the sunshine.  Wesley and his ducks played in the sunshine all day.

Wesley loved his ducks.

Every warm Spring day you would find Wesley and his ducks in the fresh green grass.

His Mommy asked Wesley what he wanted to name his ducks.

After some thinking Wesley replied, "Tom and Donna".  And so it was. 

Tom and Donna were his new best friends.

Wesley's Mommy would put Tom and Donna outside in a big red box so they could enjoy the sun while Wesley would eat his lunch.

One day a big wind came and knocked over the box and scared little Tom and Donna.  They ran as fast as their little feet would carry them and hid across the road in the brush.  Mommy, Daddy, Felicity, Grandma and Wesley searched and searched but could not find the scared hiding ducks.

Poor Wesley was so sad.  He went to bed that night and prayed that God would take care of his friends.  

Wesley's Mommy got up very early the next morning and looked all over but still could not find Tom and Donna.  She was about to give up hope when all of the sudden she heard the little cheeps of the baby ducks hiding in the brush.  She snatched them up and ran them into the house where Wesley was waiting for them with a big bowl of food and a dish of water.

Wesley was very happy to have his ducks back!

Daddy made a nice cage for Tom and Donna so the wind could not blow over their home again.  

They were very happy in their new home.

Tom and Donna waited patiently everyday for Wesley to come and visit them.

They loved to run around and eat bugs in the sweet grass outside.

As Tom and Donna grew they became faster,

And as their feathers grew in they even began to try to fly.

Wesley's little duckies were growing fast.

Tom and Donna loved the puddles in the back yard as much a Wesley.

Wesley and his little ducks will have many adventures, in the town just around the corner.


Heather said...

You HAVE to make this into a story photo book! You will treasure it always! :)

Victoria said...

o goodness - I love this!!! Pictures and story both are too cute!

Amber said...

I've been thinking about getting my son some ducks, too. He is sooo in love with animals. Besides the fright from the wind blowing over their box, have you had any troubles keeping them on your land? Do you keep them in cages in the house at night? I would love to hear more about that side of owning ducks! My e-mail is dawdler101(at)gmail(dot)com. Cute story! :)

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