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I love visiting my family but hate leaving them behind.  This time was exceptionally hard on me probably due to me being pregnant but also because I had not seen Kirstie in months and missed her a lot.  Everyone had plans to be here around the time that our little guy is due to arrive so I know that I will get to see them all again soon.

We filled our weekend with many small trips.  One was to Harrisburg,

where we walked across an old very windy bridge.  Our destination was a mall with a huge clock.  The clock was very neat and full of things to watch.  Everyone loved it.

Sunday, we revisited Gettysburg and took some senior photos of my step-brother Nick.  Wes got plenty of piggy back rides from pretty much everyone.

He was very much in love with the bright yellow rain coat that Kirstie bought for him!  It was great to see the kids enjoying all the attention and love that is poured on them by all their Aunts, Uncles, Yaya and Dan.  Felicity keeps asking where they are now.  It's bitter sweet.

Kirstie and Felicity sporting sunglasses even though the sun never really showed us much love all weekend.

Later we were off to High Rock and the park near it.  What you don't see in this photo is that Wes flew off the merry go round and through his hysterical laughter said "oh I peed myself!".  Maybe you had to be there but it was pretty funny.

The park was very retro in its equipment which was pretty neat because we don't have a lot of old parks like that around here anymore.

Even Matt had a lot of fun playing on the toys.

High Rock was frighteningly wonderful.  I am not a fan on heights so it was scarey to me but I loved all the bright graffitti colors on the rocks.  I did have to be carefully not to get any of  the "not so lovely" words and drawings.

It was a packed weekend but a good one.

It's always good to spend time with family.  To those of you who have immediate family members close by, don't take that for granted!  It is a real blessing.

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