We discovered a new pumpkin patch this year and it's really nice.

Wes  had loads of fun picking out "purfic" pumpkins for everyone in our family.

There was sled like things that we used to pull our pumpkins in.  Wes being the big helper that he is, wanted to pull it all by himself, but due to the rain storm we had the day before there was too much mud which made it too hard.  He tried his hardest though!

Felicity enjoyed the patch very much and tried to teeth on pumpkins when I was not looking.  I am SO looking forward to her getting in that last tooth!

Felicity is wearing a sweater that belonged to my youngest sister Jill aka Bean.  I love that my kids can wear clothes that belonged to other people in our family and friends.  I remember my sister wearing that sweater and she had a cute little piggy tail just like Felicity's too back then.  Hand me down clothes have memories with them and I really like that. 

We arrived just after they opened so we had the whole place to our selves.  It was nice.  Wes is in love with goats and asked if we could "Pleeeeeease" take this little guy home.  

The little pumpkin patch is nestled perfectly near the top of a hill so there was a great views.  Minus the port-a-pottys that are nearly directly in the center of this photo.  I think it is a pretty good shot. 

Wes loved the ducks and commented that they were "just like Tom and Donna but dead".  The ducks were fake.  He loved them either way and kept wanting to go back to the pond to watch them "swim".

After walking around picking pumpkins, running threw the hay maze, playing with the animals and watching ducks we were ready to rest for a couple minutes.   It was the perfect time to go for a hay ride to the corn maze!   Wes found this hat on the wagon and wore it.   Yeah I know, germs; but Wes assured me they were too little to hurt him.

The ride took us even farther up the hill and the views just kept getting better.

Matt was working for his parents so even though  it was a Saturday, it was just the me and the kids.  I get to spend so much time with them like this.  Sometimes I feel guilty that Matt usually only gets to see them when they are hungry tired and ready for bed.  Hopefully this weekend he will be able to take some time off while we have Wes' 4th Birthday party!

We left the pumpkin patch ready for lunch and naps.  It was a great Saturday.


flat yeast bread said...

Wow, what a view!!!!

Tiffany said...

Wow! That is a beautiful place!

And I am right there with you on the hand me downs. I just went through a pile of our clothes to give to my sis-in-love for our niece. It is so fun to see her in outfits that our girls wore.

I hope Matt is able to have some sweet time with his kiddos this week.

Julie said...

what a lovely setting!! I love Fall...the colors are just so vibrant!!

Thomas Slatin said...

Wow! These photos are fantastic! Well done, I must say.

Maura said...

So beautiful!! Looks like a blast!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous pictures. Looks like a fun time. Ha ha about the port a potties I didn't even notice till you said something.

Heather said...

Looks like so much fun!

kbreints said...

We did the same thing this morning... so much fun! I love this time of year.

Jim said...

Wow!!! your kids are so cute, they are enjoying so much. Even the pics are awesome. Loved it.

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