Reaching Mt. Seemore

Are you anxious to see where the rest of our adventure took us? Did you miss the first part?  Start here first if you did and be anxious no more.  

Heather took me up some uber steep hills and around a couple of very sharp turns but the end result was just beautiful and getting there was just as breath taking! 

We of course stopped numerous time to get fabulous photos of the wonders that God provided for us.

It was also my first time really playing with my polarizing filter.  I have had it for ages and never remember to use it.  I had no idea how blue it could make the sky!  SO neat!

It really was an absolutely perfect day to drive around like crazy woman, stopping every couple hundred feet to get more photos.  I love living in the hill country.

Possibly one of my favorite stops was to take photos of these cows!  They were so neat looking.  They were way out in the field but when we started snapping shots, they ran over to edge of the meadow, much to the sheer enjoyment of my kids.  

Felicity sat in her seat and made "mooing" sounds, while Wesley asked "Where are there milkers?".  I believe they were all bulls or at least steer.  Oh yes my boy misses nothing and is full and I mean full to the point of bursting, of questions.

I was a little fascinated by the views in my mirror.  I will spare you from all the other ones I took.  

Brad and Wes became great buds during our day trip.  Wes is planning a play date with him to play on his kitchen set already.  

We finally reached the top of Mount Seemore, ok it was not really a mountain, but we could see the Catskills.   Poor Felicity was sleeping and I woke her up to get some photos of her and Wes together with such beautiful scenery.  She was not very happy about being woke up and any photo where she looks differently was a lot of work to get.

But waking a sleeping toddler was totally worth it to get some much loved photos of me with my babies!  Thanks Heather!

Be still my heart.  It does not get any better than this!

Well this is pretty stinkin cute too.  

One last look from the top (and yes that man just rode up it on a bike).  So beautiful, the mountain not the old man riding the bike.  I would love to have a house up there, just love it!


Heather said...

Breathtaking! I LOVE your shots!!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous photos! Love them all. Especially the cows. Looks like such a fun and beautiful day.

Anonymous said...


Awesome blog, great write up, thank you!

Anonymous said...

Hi, very interesting post, greetings from Greece!

Anonymous said...

Good Afternoon

Definitely gonna recommend this post to a few friends

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