A homemade cutie

Yesterday I was feeling crafty and made my baby girl a dress and leggings.  I was so proud of how well I followed directions and actually used a pattern!  I never use patterns so this was a big step and I am happy to report that they turned out as cute as a button.  Oh I just crack myself up.

With a new dress one must have their photos taken.  Am I right or am I right?  

And since I am about to dedicate yet another entire post to my speedily growing not so baby girl, I might as well make this a catch up post on all things Felicity.

Let's see...she plays peek-a-boo, like a pro.  She will even play in grocery carts and look through the grates or holes in the seat.

She is still deciding whether or not two naps a day is best.  Most days so is down to one nap but there are those days that she is in definite need of two.  Today was one of those days.

She is in love with shoes.  All shoes and can take them off and put them on all by herself and will get them for you, usually a matching pair, if asked to.

Teddy is still her favorite snuggler and was allowed out of the crib today so that I could photograph their love for each other.  Other days he spends in her crib which we recently moved out of our room and into Wesley's.   Wes could not be happier with his new room mate and surprisingly both kids sleep super well together and have had no problems getting them to actually fall to sleep together.

This is her sniffing face.

This is her happy face.

This is her "I see my brother" face.

This is her "moooo" face.

This it typically how she sleeps with her teddy.  I mean typically how she is positioned, not that she sleeps on a wooden box in the middle of a field.   She has a bed,  I promise.

She still is not talking much.  I think she figures Wes does enough of that for the both of them.  She does say, "no" and "Dop Dat" quite well now but usually says that to her dear brother when he is pestering her.  

She loves to take showers and frequently walks in fully dressed while Wes is taking his.

Climbing and getting onto tall household objects are among her many talents.  Wesley's desk, the stairs and all other remotely sturdy furniture are frequently scaled and victoriously stood upon at their highest points.

Eggs are a breakfast favorite and eating up to 4 is not uncommon.  Other favorites are grapes, black beans, bread, bananas, grilled cheese, yogurt, pancakes, peas, spaghetti, and of course donuts that Kirstie brings home.

When not wearing homemade outfits she wears mostly 18 months but still fits into some 12 months, especially in dresses and her shoes are 5's.

Don't let her sweet little face fool you this little sweetie is packing a punch!  She knows what she wants and thinks she is going to get it.  She has an evil little laugh that she pulls out when Wes gets a time out, has screamed so hard when not getting her way that she has once burst a blood vessel in her eye and shrieks to get attention.   We of course are working on all these things but she is a pistol.   I love her to pieces even though at times I wonder how you can possibly fit so much spunk into a size 3 diaper.

OH and let's not forget the pitiful, "give me what I want" face.  If screaming does not work, she pulls this one out and let me tell you, she's a smart one!  Come on, it's hard to stand my ground to a face like that.  I do, but it's a lot easier to say no to a red faced screamer than a pitiful puppy dog.

Lastly and before your eyes burn up from staring at the screen for so long, Felicity makes me smile.  Fills my heart to overflowing, wears me out and keeps me going.  Her snuggles are better than anything money can buy and when she gives me those big loud wet kisses, my heart smiles.  I love her more with every day and the last 17 months  have been some of my best ever.  She and Wesley are my treasures and I cherish them more than I ever thought possible.


Heather said...

So adorable and cute! I love how your captured all her faces! I'll have to do that with Brad so I remember them! :)

Anonymous said...

These are so awesome! Love the props. Is that in your backyard? Her dress and leggings are adorable!

Julie said...

Yay for the dress...I made some great skirts from patterns online but have never actually bought a pattern (except for in my sewing class in highschool). Maybe I should try it!!

She really is growing so fast. I love the picture where she is on top of the bench?? peering down!!

kbreints said...

Darling dress! I am impressed too! ... and your photos make me miss our back field.... just awesome pictures as always :)

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