"Apble Bestable"

This past weekend I took the kids to the Apple Festival with Heather and her son Bradley.  Wes loved it and has been asking to go the "Apble Bestable"  ever since.  Funny thing is he can say apple just fine but put it next to festival and he gets all mixed up.  He makes me smile!

The kids got their face's painted by a clown and Wes asked to have a red sparkly nose like her.

Wesley got two pumpkins and a red nose, Felicity a small pink flower, and Brad a lion, and Elmo on his hand.  They were all very good during the painting.

We walked around and looked at all the festive things and sampled some cheese.

I was very thankful that I remembered to bring this stroller so that Wes could ride on the back.

There is an old Circus building which frankly I find a little creepy but the kids loved.  Oh and a huge bin of free apples which the kids also loved.  And of course balloons and goats a festival is not a festival without balloons and goats.  Ok maybe it would be but it would not be nearly as fun!

Oh and the free balloons?!  We lost one on way home when I made a much needed ice cream stop.  Are you imagining screams that could be heard higher than the balloon floating, then you are imagining what my ears went through as that balloon floated up into the clouds.  That was one VERY sad little balloon-less boy holding a dripping ice cream cone.  He actually asked me "Why did Jesus stealed my balloon away?  Tell him to get His own please Mommy."  He thought because if it went up to Heaven that Jesus was taking it away.  Poor little guy.

I am getting ahead of myself. There's a whole other post in between then and where I am now. After the Festival we headed to a local Craft fair where Heather's mom was selling goat's milk soap and spinning wool.  Wes of course wanted to spin alittle too.  Heather's mom was very patient and tried to teach Wes.

Lunch was eaten on bleacher at the Craft Fair or should I say, lunch was supposed to be eaten.  The kids were much more interested in climbing on the rocks than eating their lunch.

Felicity was missing her much needed nap and was a little overly sensitive to Wesley's animated actions.

We left for another adventure just before she could have a total baby meltdown.  

The other adventure?  You want to know where we went?  Well you will just have to come back later because right now I am about make myself something sweet to stop this crazy mind consumer craving I am having today. 


Heather said...

So cute!! Funny how we both had the same first pic but it did make sense to show that when describing where w were going! :) Can't wait to see your scenery pics!

Sarah Halstead said...

These are great! Looks like a really fun time!

Jenilee said...

great pictures! so fun that you and heather can spend the day together like that! :) loved reading both of your posts. made me very excited for fall!

Julie said...

What a fabulous day!! Loved reading both of your posts!!

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