Fall colors

I LOVE fall!  It is by far my favorite season and seems to last the least amount of time.  This year the colors are changing faster than other recent years and I trying to soak in every marvelous color.  This weekend we all went for a drive to look at a stump grinding job that Matt had to do.  I was not sure I wanted to go but man I'm I glad that I did!

These are the types of road that we drove around on for over an hour.  We were in heaven!

After we veiwed Matt's stump grinding job we went exploring and found this lovely pond.  I am imagining picnics and pictures here in our very near future.

While walking around the lake I twisted my ankle and since I was holding Wesley's hand took him for quite a ride.  Poor little guy face planted in a ditch as I twisted and landed next to him.  I look of his face was so distraught I could not help but laugh.  He however did not think it was funny at all and kept asking why I "helped" him fall.

I thought this tomb stone was pretty neat.  "Gone Home"  how appropriate.  There was a small cemetary totally over grown and forgotten on one of the dirt road we traveled on.

There were a couple areas that had been recently logged off,  I was sad to see all the beautiful old trees gone but the view was spectacular.

Next in our venturing was an old covered bridge, that Matt and I have been meaning to stop at for years.

I'm glad we finally stopped.  I would have been able to get a better photo but there was a couple have a wine and cheese date right in front and they were really "getting to know each other"  if you know what I mean.   That being said I did my best to show the natural beauty of this place and not get them in it at all!

This is the view from the side of the covered bridge.

Matt and I were enjoying ourselves so much that we decided to enlist Kirstie to watch the kids and we went back out on his bike to get some photos we would not be able to get in a car.  

I'm not a motorcycle lover.  I don't have a problem with other people riding them but there is something so unnerving about flying down the road with only a helmet for protection.  I kept thinking about what would happen to my babies if something you know "happened" to me.  Ugh not fun.

Finally I gave it to God and just hugged Matt close and enjoyed the ride.

His bike is an on and off road bike so we were able to drive into fields and path ways to get the to creek beds to get some neat photos.  When we got to this spot there was a Bald Eagle flying away from a near by  tree.  We were both super excited to see that!  By the time I got my camera out of my backpack it was settled in a tree.  It did take off and fly past again when we were leaving but once again I did not get a photo.  But believe me it was neat!

I love New York in the fall, just love it!

The sun soon began to set and we had to start heading home.  It was a much cooler ride home and my hands nearly lost their feeling.  Next time I will bring gloves.  I was so glad that I went for a ride with Matt.  He loves to take me on dates on his bike but I rarely go and my rarely I mean, this was only our second ever.  I just may let if become a more frequent get away for the two of us.

 There is just something to beautiful about fall around here.  Scratch that, everything is so beautiful in the fall.  Have I mentioned how much I love fall?  Well I do!


Rachel said...

Lovely photos.

I love fall photos as well.

Maura said...

Simply Beautiful! Oh how I love fall!

Anonymous said...

These pictures are gorgeous. I love coming to your bright and cheery blog.

Holly said...

Those are great fall pics!! I love the colors. And that is a neat tombstone. Sad the little cemetery is all overgrown.

Heather said...

Looks like a perfect family outing and then date to me!!!
Great pics!

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