A recipe and grapes

By now you all know that I have a love for bright happy colors and that many of my photos sport a preset the emphasizes this love.  Well today I am going to share with you my "recipe" for that preset.  I has taken awhile to perfect and I still change it up a little to customize it for each photo but this is what I usually start with.

Temp +36
Tint -29
Exposure +49
Fill light 14
Blacks 7
Contrast -25
Clarity +45
Vibrance -5
Saturation +3

Then I play with the curves a little bit.

Highlights -14
Lights +10
Darks +21
Shadows +2

Then Hues and Saturation
Blue -13
Aqua +53

Blue +59
Green +27

Split toning

Hue 232
Saturation 10

Hue 284
Saturation 28

And Sharpen just a little. 

And of course Lens Vignetting -100

Lastly Blue Primary 
Hue +1
Saturation +3

And there you have it, my recipe for "Bright and Beautiful" one of my favorite presets.    

All of these photos have that preset and then a little tweeking  to make them just right.   


Ashley Sisk said...

These shots are adorable and the processing is perfect. Love them!

AJ said...

These are really sweet, I love all of them. My favorite is the one with the chicken...
Great post!

Anonymous said...

Hi forum, cool weather and good mood. life is a good thing however turn

Heather said...

Wonderful! Thanks for sharing! I will put this in my Lightroom as "Lindsay's Bright & Beautiful" :-)

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