Sunday Afternoon Nap

While Wes and I (followed by two faithful chickens, Farmall and Ruby) went for a walk in the back pastures, Matt and Felicity napped.

Really does it get much sweeter than a Daddy snuggin' his baby girl till she drifts off to sleep in his arms?  I don't think so.

Church always tuckers her out so I was not too surprised to find her sleeping in her dress shoes.  (Don't mind the fly on Matt's hand, that's just part of living in the country.)

I love the fact that Matt and Felicity have such a connection.  She is definitely Daddy's Little Girl.

I'll admit though I am slightly jealous of his snuggle time with her.  When I lifted her from his arms and carried her to bed I was very tempted to take her to my bed and sleep with her.  I am all too aware that these sweet sleeping snuggle times end all to quickly. 


Holly said...

Kyndra and I did that today!

Heather said...

Very precious! You guys will treasure these photos forever- print them! :)

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