Rides with Daddy

In our family we do things a little differently.  We use a little more horse power than the average family.  

This tractor was given to Matt by his "Pa" (his father's father).  As far as Matt remembers it was the first tractor that he ever rode on.   Wesley and Felicity's also had their first tractor rides on it.  It is a 1928 Farmall Regular and our official wagon pulling tractor.

This wagon was my Grandma's.  Not one that she rode in but the one that was at her home for all 21 of her grandchildren to use.  Since I was the only one about to have a baby when she passed away, I brought it home.  

It gets a lot of use at our house pulling children, chickens, pine cones, plants, toys and rocks around the yard.

While these photos were taken Felicity was happily "helping" Daddy drive the Farmall.  Wes absolutely loves to ride and turned down the chance to drive.

I sat on the "patio" ( the metal plate Pa, welded onto the back on the Farmall) to get these shots.  This Farmall is one of my favorites for this very reason.  I love sitting on the "patio" and watching Wes' face as he enjoys his ride!

I asked Matt to put Felicity in the wagon for her first official tractor wagon ride.  She was a little hesitant but started singing and saying "weeeeeeeeeeeeee" very quickly.

She is following in her big brother's foot steps and turning into a horse powered wagon ride lover.

She was not happy when Daddy stopped to put the sides on the wagon.

When it was time to start up again I made her sit down.  That did not go over very well.  Wes is such a sweetie and tried to comfort her by telling her "it's ok sisder, just snugga me."  It was very sweet.

She soon got over her fit about having to sit and enjoyed the rest of her ride with her big brother.

Tractor wagon rides are one of our kid's favorite ways to past time outside.  What are some fun things you do with your kids outside?


Heather said...

Cute! I love that first close-up picture of Felicity! :)

Alisha said...

I just adore these photos! Especially the one with her pouty lips! People get Botox for those lips! Beautiful.

alicia said...

LOVE, love, love your pics. They scream SUMMER.

Christina said...

These pictures made my day! Now that is something that kids remember......

kbreints said...

Oh those are DARLING. Love the last shot!!

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